Pain Relief Products

I offer a selection Su Jok Tools and other holistic products I have created, or use in my therapies, for easy, effective ways to manage pain and other health concerns on your own. Each come with easy-to-follow instructions for use in the home, at work...anywhere you need help with relief of pain.

Su Jok Acupressure Toolkit


Four of the most popular Su Jok Tools PLUS an instructional book and DVD to show you how to get relief of pain and improve your health and well-being.

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Su Jok Wrist Massager


The same bio-stimulator, acupressure technology of the finger massager, in a larger size to use on your wrist for relief of arthritis and joint pain.

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SuJok Reflexology Finger Massager


The Finger Massager is a pain-relieving tool specially designed by Neelam Sethi to add the power of magnets to SuJok reflexology.

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Check back for more products to come soon!