"I believe we all deserve to experience the state of ANAHA...to live in good health and enjoy a sense of well-being, each and every day. To help you in your search for non-invasive ways to manage pain and other health concerns, to be less dependent on expensive drugs, as well as to counteract the imbalances caused by our environment and hectic lifestyles, I offer you my holistic products. I invite you to explore and experiment with an open mind. The reward will be greater control of your health and well-being."

About Neelam Sethi

A skilled professional who has undergone high level, practical training in acupressure, Su Jok and yoga, Neelam studied at the Kalp Yocia Pariwar Institute in Ujjain, India. She received her diploma in Reflexology and Naturopathy, and is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Yoga Mumbai, India. As a holistic practitioner trained in alternative, Eastern modalities she offers a mind-body approach to health that provides non-invasive ways to deal with bothersome ailments, through one-on-one personalized treatment sessions.

Here you can purchase Su Jok tools and holistic products she has specially created, or uses in her therapies, for easy, effective ways to manage pain and other health concerns on your own. For more information about her Su Jok therapies CLICK HERE.

IMPORTANT: You must not rely on the information here as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this site or with these products.